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The following is an agreement between you the prospective client and tjMTK DESIGNS, for custom design(s) work. Client must read and agree to the terms outlined below in order to commence work with Artist. Please read the terms carefully, once the agreement has been received, and a price has been discussed and agreed upon by both parties, an invoice will be sent to the email provided by the client in this agreement, that means the Client has read and agreed to the following terms below:

(I) Payments:

In order to begin creating samples for client, we requests a 50% deposit payable via EFT
. Once we deliver rough samples to Client and the Client gives the green light to move forward with completing the design, the final invoice will be sent. Once final invoice is paid, the Artist will deliver completed design and remove any watermarks added to samples.

(II) Samples:

Once the deposit has been paid, Artist will respond with at least (2) rough drafts for Clients consideration. The client will then reviews and picks the draft(s) they like the best. Based on the Clients review the Artist will either revise or finalize the rough drafts.

(III) Revisions:

(A) Revisions are defined as removing, changing or altering any part of the design that Artist delivers to Purchaser for review. Clients are provided with a total of (2) free revisions per design. If Client is seeking a custom character design, an example of a revision would include: changing the expression of the characters face, changing the position, adding an extra article of clothing, etc. Client can mix and match elements from the different rough drafts (ex: use portions from draft #1 and portions from draft #3). Please be aware that the best time to make changes to character design(s) is during the rough draft stage which is still in pencil.

(B) If the client still has (1) revision remaining and Artist and Client have agreed to move onto the final stage of digital ink and paint, the free revision will only cover: adjustments in color and position or orientation of the design.

If (3) revisions have been exhausted and further revisions are requested, a 25% charge will be added from the Invoiced amount, this will be added to each additional draft. If the client requests to make changes to the design after the final approval of the artwork has been completed, an additional charge of 25% will be invoice.

(C) If the client is seeking animation services, (3) free revisions are allowed for each stage of the development. (character designs, storyboards, animatics, etc) Please contact us for a detailed list of charges specific to making additional revisions in an animation project. Any revisions requested after the project has been rendered, we will an additional charged 25% per revision. 

(IV) Refunds:

After paying a deposit, the client is entitled to a full refund only if tjMTK DESIGNS has not delivered any samples of the designs. If tjMTK DESIGNS has delivered rough drafts to the client, we will keep the deposit as labor fees and all works created will remain copyright property of tjMTK DESIGNS. If we fail to deliver any of the clients designs, the client is entitled to a full refund.  The client is entitled to terminate a project at any phase of the project, however, any payments made to the us will be kept as a “kill fee”.

(V) Copyright & Ownership

Upon payment of the total invoice, the client will retain full ownership and rights of the artwork paid for. 


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